Dear Reader,

It is our pleasure to introduce the inaugural issue of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies, a new multidisciplinary academic journal published by undergraduates attending Emory University.

Seeking to provide publishing opportunities for Emory University undergraduates conducting insightful research and academic investigation into Asia, we established the Journal in May of 2018, and the Journal received official charter by Emory University in late fall. The chartering process could not have been achieved without the generous guidance and support of our faculty advisor, Dr. Yawei Liu, an adjunct Professor of Political Science at Emory and the Director of the Carter Center’s China Program, to whom we’d like to extend our special thanks.

Since its first announcement last November, the Journal has received dozens of submissions from students attending Emory University along with undergraduates attending other academic institutions across the United States. We have been consistently impressed at the insightful research and academic analysis of submissions received by the Journal, and we look forward to sharing with you the best of these submissions in the following pages.

As a final note, we would also like to recognize and thank the generosity of our donors who were essential to the print of our first issue. Without their contributions, the Journal would not be possible.

We hope you enjoy the inaugural issue of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies.


Michael Cerny, Director and Chief Editor
Eric Fan, Associate Director and Chief Editor