Dear Reader,

We are pleased to announce the Emory Journal of Asian Studies’ transition to new leadership after the graduation of our former chief editors, Michael Cerny and Eric Fan.  With our experience as board members of the Journal last year, we hope to expand our knowledge and grow our readership. 

The Journal was originally established in May 2018 to provide publishing opportunities for Emory University students engaging in research and academic investigation of the entire Asian Continent, including all countries within Central, East, West, Southeast, and Southwest Asia. We would like to extend our gratitude to our faculty advisor, Dr. Liu, an adjunct Professor of Political Science at Emory and Director of the Carter Center’s China Program, for his sustained advising and support for the Journal. 

Since its establishment, the Journal has received dozens of submissions from students attending both Emory University as well as from other academic institutions around the world. As chief editors, we look forward to encouraging and publishing the innovative research and academic analysis of students.

We are also pleased to  announce our call for submissions to Volume III of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies. We encourage students of all backgrounds to submit. 


Julie Park, Co-Chief Editor
Maggie Connolly, Co-Chief Editor