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Table of Contents

Sorghaghtani Beki and the Influence of Mongol Noblewomen on Succession
Cybele Zhang
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Mapping Modifications to Investor-State Dispute Settlement
in Bilateral Investment Treaty Design: A Case Study of China

Marybeth Ehlbeck
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Deepening Disparities: Political and Economic Effects of FDI on Income Inequality
Among Skilled and Unskilled Malaysian Workers

Renee Ong
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“Love Does Not Discriminate”: The Interaction of State Policy, Social Views, and LGBT Music in China

John Decker
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Evaluating the Political Economy of the China-Pakistan Economic corridor in 2020

Faeez Juneja
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The Handover: The Hong Kong crisis through the lens of Made in Hong Kong and 10 Years

Andy Eskenazi
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Suggested Solutions to China’s Stagflationary Economy since the U.S. – China Trade War
– A lesson from the U.S. Great Stagflation

Zeshi Wang
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