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Letter from the Editors

Read the Letter from the Editors for Volume III of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies.

Table of Contents

Sorghaghtani Beki and the Influence of Mongol Noblewomen on Succession
Cybele Zhang
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Mapping Modifications to Investor-State Dispute Settlement
in Bilateral Investment Treaty Design: A Case Study of China

Marybeth Ehlbeck
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Deepening Disparities: Political and Economic Effects of FDI
on Income Inequality Among Skilled and Unskilled Malaysian Workers

Renee Ong
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“Love Does Not Discriminate”: The Interaction of State Policy, Social Views, and LGBT Music in China
John Decker
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Evaluating the Political Economy of the China-Pakistan Economic corridor in 2020
Faeez Juneja
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The Handover: The Hong Kong crisis through the lens of Made in Hong Kong and 10 Years
Andy Eskenazi
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Suggested Solutions to China’s Stagflationary Economy since the U.S. – China Trade War
– A lesson from the U.S. Great Stagflation

Zeshi Wang
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