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Letter from the Editors

Read the Letter from the Editors for Volume IV of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies.

Table of Contents

Biden’s One Tech-Trade Policy Shot:
Trials and Tribulations of a U.S.-Led Digital Trade Agreement in the Indo-Pacific

Channing Lee
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The Autobiography of Yung Wing:
An Attempt at U.S.-China Political Stability During the Era of Legal Exclusion, 1854-1909

Julia Varner
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Chay: A Comparative Study of the History of Tea in Iran and India
Yingyi Tan
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In the Eye of the Storm: A Study of DPRK and DRV Foreign Policy 1964-68
Michael Starr
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Western Medical Diplomacy in Imperial China
Justin Doan
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Terror In Island Shanghai (1937-1941): Understanding Anti-Japanese Violence
in Wartime-Shanghai Using Modern Frameworks of Terrorism

Will Dinneen
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Bagong Bayani: Tracing the Reverence and Portrayal
of Overseas Filipino Workers (OFWs) in Philippine Political Discourse

Alfonso Ralph Mendoza Manalo
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