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Letter from the Editors

Read the Letter from the Editors for Volume V of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies.

Table of Contents

Race, Bio-power, and Colonial Governmentality
in Late 19th Century British Malaya

Samuel Loh
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Quacks in Plays: A Window to Vernacular Medicine
Mengting Lyu
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Between Betrayal and Loyalty:
The Futile Language and the Absolute Chineseness

Anqi Liu
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PDI-P’s Constructivist Approach to Indonesia’s Foreign Policy:
A Case Study of Joko Widodo’s Second Term

Hree Dharma Santhi Putri Samudra
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Translating Korean Sijo Poetry: A Give-and-Take Process
Kate Bucek
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Early Confucianism’s Take on Perfectionism:
Confucius, Mencius, Xunzi, and their Modern Interpreters

Julia Zhou
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