Dear Reader,

We are pleased to introduce Volume V of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies (EJAS), a multidisciplinary academic journal published by undergraduates at Emory University.

Since 2018, the Journal has aimed to provide publishing opportunities for undergraduate students conducting insightful research on topics related to Asia.

As a result, the Journal has published four volumes and three special editions, with this fifth volume being our latest publication. The Journal has received a plethora of exceptional writing from students attending Emory University and other academic institutions throughout the world. We are happy to share the best submissions in the following pages.

The Journal’s continuing success could not have been achieved without the generous support of our faculty advisor, Dr. Yawei Liu, an adjunct Professor of Political Science at Emory and the Director of the Carter Center’s China Program and the Emory Media Council. Our Journal extends our gratitude.

We are grateful to our incredible Editorial Board and the authors of this issue for all of their hard work over the past academic year. Their contributions have allowed us to continue broadening the field of Asian Studies.

We hope you enjoy Volume V of the Emory Journal of Asian Studies.

Jack Erickson, Co-Chief Editor
Margaret Chang, Co-Chief Editor