About EJAS

Our Goal

The Emory Journal of Asian Studies strives to be a leading academic publication in the study of Asia and Asian affairs by undergraduate students. Committed to deepening cross-cultural scholarship and communication amongst students worldwide, the Emory Journal of Asian Studies provides students the opportunity to publish their research and scholarly writing in an online and print academic journal.

Our Content

The Emory Journal of Asian Studies pursues academic research and writing by undergraduate students regarding the study of Asia and Asian affairs. Not constrained to any particular discipline, the Emory Journal of Asian Studies accepts submissions from fields including anthropology and cultural studies, business and economics, history and literature, political science and international studies, environmental studies and public health, religion, and sociology.

Our Staff

Chartered by Emory University in November of 2018, the Emory Journal of Asian Studies is produced and edited by undergraduate students attending Emory University and advised by Dr. Yawei Liu, director of the China Program at the Carter Center and adjunct professor of Political Science at Emory University.  At present, the Journal is published and edited by Michael Cerny (21C) and Eric Fan (20C).  If you wish to contact them, please visit our Contact Us page.

Our Process

The Emory Journal of Asian Studies conducts an editing process comparable to the procedures of graduate and professional academic journals.  Once accepted to the Journal by the editorial board, submissions are subject to double-blind review followed by an editing process in consultation with the authors.  Top submissions are published to the online journal.  Only the most insightful and scholarly submissions are published in a print edition of the journal.

Our Commitment

The Emory Journal of Asian Studies is committed to academic integrity, ensuring both the Journal and accepted submissions are consistent with university guidelines and professional norms regarding plagiarism and academic honesty.  The Journal is equally committed to transparency, equal opportunity, and independence from any affiliation that might impinge upon the Journal’s integrity.

If you would like to ask a question or request more information, please do not hesitate to Contact Us.